Camilla states that there is a need for a network for sex workers in Norway that can be an arena for social gatherings, as well as a place for discussions regarding industry-oriented challenges. Therefore, she is inviting all sex workers for a social gathering and community building on Monday February 19th, in the offices of Nadheim.


It is a known fact that many sex workers are lonely, and isolated with their work experiences. This is true for both visitors that come to Norway to work, as well as for permanent residents who don´t have an established social network, and for different reasons choose to not share their work details with friends and family.

Another contributor to the isolation, and loneliness of sex workers is due to the pimp paragraph, which states that escorts have to work alone, to avoid being charged for pimping. Due to all this, PION was highly interested, and intrigued, when an invitation for networks, and community building amongst sex workers was presented. PION decided to invite Camilla to partake in an interview to share her thoughts, and purpose behind this initiative.

-I also work in the USA, and on one of my tours I was visiting a friend, and colleague when I saw a piece of art in her apartment, presenting a sex worker. She told me that the art piece was from a sex workers social group she attends, consisting of escorts, strippers, camgirls, dominatrixes, and other sex workers. This inspired me to start something similar in Norway.

Space for social gatherings

The goal is to create a space for social gatherings for sex workers.

-It´s going to be a social sex work network where we can meet up, be ourself, share about our jobs without fear of judgement, exchange experiences, but also do nice things like maybe start a book club together, or go to The Well.

According to Camilla, a significant part of the network will be to discuss professional standards.

-When I´m working in London or the USA, part of my requirements for a meeting is that my client sends me a picture of their ID, their LinkedIn profile, as well as two references from escorts they have seen in the past. Screening is part of my safety measures when meeting new clients. I addition to this, I require that the client pays a deposit to secure our time together, as well as pay for the hotel room where the date will take place.

-The deposit is non-refundable, and I will keep it if my client don´t show up for our date, or if he cancels. This is the same practice as is used by hair dressers, massage therapists, and other beauty salons. Therefore, I don’t see why sex workers can´t require the same practice for their business.

-The first year I worked in Oslo, I wasted so much time on clients who just ended up canceling our date, or not showing up. This was my inspiration behind starting to screen, and require deposit for dates.

-What do the clients feel about this practice? The word of mouth is that Norwegian clients are unprofessional clients- do they accept your requirements?

-I understand that many clients don´t want to accept my standards, due to the illegality of buying sexual services. But if they don´t, there won´t be a date. Therefore, most of the clients who contact me, agree to these standards.

Industry standards

Camilla points out that there is a need for industry standards for sex workers in Norway.

-Sex workers are not doing anything illegal, so shy should we contribute to oppressing ourselves? Those of us who work as sex workers are owners of our own company, and therefore we need industry standards, like all other service professions.

She adds that it can´t be just one standard, but the standards have to be adapted to the area of work.

-If you are an escort that work outdoors you might need other standards than if you are an escort with a website, or online add, and meet clients at hotels. In addition to this, it might be necessary with completely different standards if you are a stripper, or Only Fans model. I recognize my privileged position due my option of declining requests from clients that don´t satisfy my requirements. The point is to have discussions about these subjects, and find ways in which we can execute our jobs safely, and with as much joy as possible.

-The network is meant for everyone, regardless of where you work, and if you are a permanent resident of Norway. Camilla emphasizes that the implementation, and design of standards must be customized to the arenas where people work.

-Are there many who have expressed their interest in joining the group?

-So far there has been between five and ten people who have stated that they would like to join. It´s a good start, although I am crossing my fingers that more people will show interest as the network is being established.

How is it in other countries?

Lilith is excited about establishing a sex work network. In the past, she has initiated social gatherings under the auspices of PION.

-In other countries it is evidence of way more sex work networks than what we have in Norway. It is something I am missing, so I hope we can create a sex work community in Oslo as well.


Social gathering for all current and former sex workers

Place: Nadheim, Nordbygata 45, 0190 Oslo (map

Date: 19.02.24 

Time: 18:00 (6 pm)